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About Me

I was raised on the east coast between Pennsylvania, Maryland, and post college moved to Vermont. I started into a bit of film photography during my stay in Vermont but soon realized that to really get serious, I would need to do my own developing & processing. At that time, I didn’t have the cash or the space to make that happen so film photography slipped into the “I’d like to, but” category. Once digital came along I was off doing other pursuits like career, music, and family.

Then came grad school and a move to California thanks to a new job in IT. So, why is it that those in IT / Computer careers find there way into photography? For me, it was a great balance of a creativity outlet with enough techy aspects to really peak my interest. No dark room needs, just a semi powerful computer and a few apps… a lot of study… and I was off and running!

My "style" has been mainly around landscape and occasional wildlife. But I really look for anything that has interesting patterns, lines, colors, and shapes. I also like to play with creating artsy images using various post processing techniques.

Enjoy and feel free to leave comments!

Franc Woods

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